Far Cry 5 Will Make You a Believer

It seems that with every iteration of Far Cry only gets better. Far Cry 5 is no exception. In fact, this new entry proves that you can take previous concepts of the previous installments and improve upon them or change them entirely. Many elements in this game seem to draw inspiration from a Kevin Smith movie called Red State, which was about a group of unsuspecting teenagers getting caught in the middle of a religious fundamentalist cult and the ensuing siege by Federal Agents. It shows how far a belief can go, especially when you add in weapons to the mix.

In this game, you take control of a character known only as Depty, Dep or simply Rook (Rookie). The game opens just like a blockbuster movie with the character and his colleagues coming to arrest a suspected leader of a religious cult known as Project Eden’s Gate. The man in question, Joseph Seed, referred to as The Father, is suspected of numerous counts of alleged kidnappings  all throughout the fictional location of Hope County. As you disembark from the chopper, and walk through the compound, you get a sense of thick tension throughout. Like at any moment, something will happen and you might not make it out. Once inside you confront The Father who gives little to no resistance as you are given the option to arrest him for his crimes. However, shortly after he is taken into custody, the people begin to retaliate by crashing the chopper. You and your colleagues survive as does The Father who escapes and begins hunting all of you. He almost captures you when you are saved by the reclusive Dutch. Even though he has a distaste for the government, he knows the evil The Father is spreading throughout the towns and county. To that end, you are tasked with not only saving your friends but putting an end to this cult so the people of Hope County can finally be free.

The main core of the game is still the same as with any FC installment. Collect weapons along the way, buy and unlock new ones. You can drive a variety of vehicles from a jet ski to an attack chopper and everything in between. Fishing, at least for me, is a welcome addition to the game. Some missions, side ones at that, revolve around them so it breaks the monotony of fighting the Cult by relaxing and fishing.

Another nice addition is the inclusion of a variety of allies and Guns For Hire, introduced in FC4. Each Ally Character, as I refer to them, have a unique fighting style they bring to the table. For example, Nick flies overhead in a plane, Cheeseburger the Bear, Peaches the Cougar, and Boomer the Dog are all available after unlocking them to help put the boots to the Cult in their own ways. There is even a perk that you can unlock to add another ally to your command, making 3 vs the Peggies (Project Eden’s Gate) a little easier.

Now let’s talk about the map. Its massive. Broken into 3 sections each with their own leader which are all the Father’s family members. Jacob to the North helps build their army by psychological reconditioning. John to the South identifies each new member with their own personal sin to atone by branding them with it. Finally to the East, Faith cultivates the Bliss, a psychotropic drug that confuses, and both elevates the user to a higher form of thought to see things more clearly from the Father. She also uses the Bliss to create mindless drones called Angels to do her bidding. I’ve seen these things take a shotgun blast pointblank and still manage to get up, so they aren’t to be taken lightly. They resemble zombies mostly until they begin to attack.

The missions are bountiful in both story and side. There are many locations to see, collectibles to find, stashes to uncover, and allies to unlock. Simply going from point A to B doesn’t work much because you find things along the way to distract you from new locations to roadside shootouts with the Cult.

The game even has more than one ending like many of the previous games including a “secret” ending which you will have to figure out for yourself. Click your platform below and get gaming!



Editor’s Note: I have only played Far Cry Instincts, 2 3, 4, and 5. I know there are many more installments out there, and I do need to experience them, but this is a review purely from my point of view and should be taken as such.

  • The Good

    Open world, fighting, shooting, and a well written story that will have you coming back a different way each time.

  • The bad

    Some of the side missions can be difficult, and your allies sometimes get confused when you call out to them for revival

  • Gameplay ( 10 )
    Graphics ( 9 )
    Music ( 8)
  • Total score 9

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